The story begins in the human town of Arandale, a small but well to do farming community that lays near the crossroads of overland trade for much of the world. The town itself is not a busy trading port but just about every merchant coming down from the dwarven mountains, west out of the Elfwood, east out of the goblin empire, or north from the pirate haggard seaports will stop in for a rest. A few days ago a strange sight appeared in the night sky, a falling star like no other. It seemed to sing as it flew overhead and the village wise woman shrieked doom and prophecy. It landed in the Elfwood with a magnificent blast and the local druid has gone to investigate.

The adventure begins with the town awaken by the cries of a wounded young elf girl who wanders out of the woods and into town. She keeps repeating the druid’s name and describing horrible things; her parents murdered, her tribe wiped out, and a singing stone. The wise women calls for anyone brave enough to discover what has happened. She offers a reward to anyone who can bring news of her husband and of the elves of the wood. You are those townspeople, traders, and travelers that have answered her call. You might have done so because it’s the right thing to do, because of the mystery of it, for a good fight, or just for the money.

Seeds of Chaos

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