Seeds of Chaos

Paths and Ways

Path and Ways

“I shall take the child where she belongs”, Shava says to the group. “My belief is that she will be safer amongst her own kind and while I am there, I will see if the Elves or Eladrin have any information on the stone that was flung from the heavens. I will see you in the days ahead. I will travel fast.” Shava taking his leave with a sketch of the shard, a potion of healing and some gold from the party, strides into the Elfwood with the female elf not far behind. She has since healed from her physical wounds but still with thoughts of the foul druid lingering in her mind….

The Elfwoods do provide comfort to most, especially the Elves. Shava was not to have any rest the first darkening hours. For he saw a great moon, strewn with tendrils with eyes looking down upon his soul… Nightmare…. Surely not in the protection of this ancient place..

After a few days travel the welcome site of a old watchtower spreads its branches in warmth. An Eladrin Ranger Captain granted Shava an audience where a female Deva was in the room with. Was brought up to speed about the close trading town of Arandale and the happenings of this elven child. Tasked now with an exchange of infomation that his father has been captured by gnolls 2 nights back, Shava was also told that the gnolls took others and fought like they had a purpose along the North Road. The Ranger Captain could not spare any men. This is due to “dark” things happening that he would not discuss with them.

“Glad to see you again, Shava” said the Deva.

“Have we met?” asks Shava very perplexed..

“I remember you. Dont you remember me? I am Kayah.” The Deva seemingly friendly with the Elves and Eladrin, walked with Shava to the child’s family area talking with them both about past exploits. Kayah also told them that she is a seer and has met them before, “or maybe watched them from afar…cant remember which. Regardless, I am here to help. The Ranger Captain was telling me also about the gnolls. Horrible creatures..”

After reuiniting the child with her family and being welcomed home, Shava and Kayah asked the stablemaster precise directions where the ambush happened. Not wanting to let any light pass, they headed out traveling lightly.

At dusk, Shava and Kayah found the area. Crockery was broken, fires long out marked the area. Both scoured the area when the woods opened up pointing them in, what they think is the direction that the gnolls headed.

Shava told Kayah, “If the Elfwood wants us to go that way, we travel there.”

Lighting a torch, “Lets go.” Kayah relpied.

Staying just out of the torchlight, Shava moved ahead. Both of the adventures kept hearing…laughing?? twigs snapping?? leaves rustling?? Maybe the woods were playing tricks on us, they thought. If things can affect a druid, maybe they can affect the woods..

Kayah and Shava stopped upon a hillock, looking down, noticing that the land has been altered. Large timbers set up agains the side of the hill. Two gnolls, large, standing gaurd at what appears to be the entrance to a mine…

Settling for going around the side and not taking on the whole tribe at once, Kayah and Shava headed down finding a grate. Using a rope and tree to pull it off, they crawled through ending in a food storage area. Peering through the key hole, a gnoll was standing gaurd. Kayah kicking the door in while Shava slams his shoulder into the threashold, hits the gnoll and it goes screaming in common down the hall “we are under attack!”

Attempting to follow the gnoll, they came across a few locked doors. After unlocking one, peering down the hall, a coulple of hyneas and gnolls were waiting. Unseen, snuck back down the hall unaware. Shava and Kayah relocked the door. Headed down the other hallway and had no choice but to break down the door. In this room, an Eladrin on a rack, obviously tortured to death, an Elf dead in a cell, two other Elves secured to the wall and “Father!!!” Shava screams..

After a moment, they both hear the laughing of what was in the woods coming closer to the doors. Kayah, quick witted sealed the chamber as Shava released his father. The doors burst open and the gnolls attacked with their dogs… Kayah, a mighty opponet, took the gnolls and the dogs on head to head. Shava, running around unlocking the cages, turns to see that his new (?) found ally without a scratch. The gnolls break around Kayah and attack Shava, defending himself takes one out. Kayah, the rest of them.

While attempting to free an Elf, acid releases upon the wrists where the binders are located searing his flesh. Picking up some swords to give to the Elves, Shava returns to his father, Alaran. “Drink this” putting a potion to his lips. Immediatly, the wrist marks and some of his wounds dissapear.

An Elf tells both Shava and Kayah, “watch out for the shadows.”

Kayah, seeming wise beyond her youthful appearance, hearing more noise, “we must leave now, while we can.”

Trailing back to the hole, Kayah hears the sounds of dogs and gnolls. “They have found how we got in… No way but the front now.”

Unlocking the door again, peering through, Shava motioning for all to follow, steps first into the main chamber. His father catching an arrow through the shoulder. The Elves, not as fortunate catching them both in their thoats dropping them immediatly.

Stepping from the darkend hallway, four drow soldiers with bows and wicked dripping knives. A fifth one with a nicely made hat with a large feather speaks, “See, give proper bait to get your prey”, looking around the room at his company. “You will now give me the shard.”

Making certain that Alaran is not dead, Shava sets him down on the floor, stands up. “I do not have it. I dont think that I would give it to you even if I did.”

“One way or the other”, the hatted drow says, “We will get it.” The drow advanced to attack Shava and Kayah.

Kayah, proving that she is not to be triffled with, slaughters the drow with the hat first and systematically whittles the others down. One by one. Shava, struggling with the one drow that put an arrow through Alaran, struggles. The adversary, seeing his cohorts being killed by Kayah, surrenders to Shava.

“I will tell you what you want!”, dropping his sword, “I will tell you our employer if you let me live!”

“We have no room for cowards!!”, the other drow yells as he hurtles a poisoned knive at his surrendered comrade hitting him right through the neck. Kayah, taking advantage of the momentary lapse in his defense, takes him down.

After searching really fast around and making sure that the drow were dead, Shava holding Alaran and Kayah head out. They do notice a strange mark on the drow that was captain as Kayah takes his hat and puts it on. “We must ask my companion Malaggar when next I see him”, states Shava.

Exiting the mine, all three were taken back as a strange figure comes into view. With a wave of his arm, all were immobilized. A male, pale skin, red eyes, Eladrin, are those fangs?? “I will have the gem” he says in a cool voice.

Shava, not being able to move, mumbles, “Ive told your companions, I dont have the gem!”

Not satisified, another wave of his hand and Kayah’s lives, Alaran’s life and Shava’s life flashs……….

“You dont have the gem…” He dissapears in a poof of dark energy.

The Elfwood opened up for the crew as they traveled back to watchtower. The Ranger Captain welcomed them back. Taking care of some of the gnolls, Shava was given a light suit of armor that the watch did not need at this time. The Captain told Shava and Kayah that they needed to go to the capital to find anything out about the sketch of the shard. Alaran, reunited with the Elves of his tribe will have his wounds taken care of.

The Elven court does not allow spur of the moment meetings. Somehow, Shava and Kayah were allowed to see them briefly. As they enter, The Autumn King has a look on his face of familiarity. Kayah and Shava tell the court of what has transpired and show the sketch of the shard.

“Find the twins and destroy them” are the words the Archmage tell Shava and Kayah. “Find those who have a link to the stars.”

The court silences and The Summer Queen seemingly wakes from meditation and walks up to Shava and Kayah whispering to them, “Do not trust the tiefling.” Walks back to her throne and sits falling back into her meditative state.

Shava and Kayah were both given a leather “badge” charging them with finding these evils. The badges offer recognition anywhere in the Fey Court.

As Shava has his back turned leaving the court, Kayah spies a mouthing of “My son” coming from The Autumn King…


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