• Elfirth of Ardea

    Elfirth of Ardea

    Deva servant of the Temple of Ioun in Bael Turath, seemingly bound in spectral chains
  • Haelaufein  Malaetha

    Haelaufein Malaetha

    Acid scarred falil weilding drow and lesser daughter of House Malaetha.
  • Haldiirn Malaetha

    Haldiirn Malaetha

    Maniacal master of dagger and dual blade, lesser daughter of House Malaetha
  • Kellaric


    Eladrin Vampire Lieutenant of the Frost Prince
  • Magdelina Bitterleaf

    Magdelina Bitterleaf

    The wise woman of Arandale
  • Nadir


    The unfortunate druid of Arandale who was unable to resist the temptation of the fallen star.
  • Pyrion Achazriel

    Pyrion Achazriel

    Akta's mentor in the Order of the Heavenly Eye
  • The Frost Prince

    The Frost Prince

    Lord of the Winter Fey
  • Tilanna Malaetha

    Tilanna Malaetha

    Young drow cut purse and lesser child of House Malaetha