The Fallen Star


This violet finger length crystal is mostly translucent with a cloudy opaque core and emits a faint violet glow at all times. Visual examination cannot tell you if this crystal was crafted with tools or whether it’s shape was naturally formed. Staring into the cloudy core one can almost make out movement but it could just as easily be a trick of refraction. The crystal feels cool to the touch and heavier than one might think. It has a strange habit of rolling out of your grasp when held or falling inexplicably out of pockets as you walk.


A nature check reveals a number of little imperfection that lead you to believe that the crystal is not wholly natural. An arcana check easily discovers that this crystal is pulsing with a magical energy that “feels” slightly different from the magical energies you would find in a simple magic item. Not only does it contain this unusual magical energy, it seems to actually be producing it. When brought close to weapons or implements it becomes attracted to them and imparts some of it’s magical energy to that item. You believe that this crystal could be used to augment a weapon or implement.

The Fallen Star

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